The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale (CGV) is to define the terms and conditions, as well as the conditions of sale and provision of services, under which ADARKA WEB DESIGN provides services to its customers. All offers of products and services offered by ADARKAWEB.COM are subject to these General Conditions of Sale and the laws in force. Please read these General Conditions of Sale carefully, download them (and / or print them), and keep a copy. The validation of any quote established via the site implies full acceptance of the following regulations: In these regulations, the term “The client” means the person who is on the way or who has already validated a quote established by

Upon receipt of your request, we will process it and issue an invoice. Generally the costs of this service are between 25,000 (CFA) and 50,000 (CFA).

The first installment (2/3 of the full invoice) confirms the validation of the quote established by for the client and triggers the effective start of the work for which it covers in particular the costs. In the event that the effective start of the service is scheduled for a date subsequent to the validation of the estimate, this first deposit does not trigger the effective start of the work but results in the reservation by of the time necessary for them to date, and for the planned period. This initial deposit is final and non-refundable once costs and / or working time have been incurred, except in exceptional cases at the sole discretion and appreciation of You can still benefit from the legal withdrawal period of 7 days in the only case where no costs or human resources have yet been incurred by or its possible providers during this period. In addition to the payment of the first deposit, the quote sent by must be returned by the client, who will have dated, signed and signed it with the words “Good for agreement”. This sending of the validated quote can be done by post or by electronic sending (e-mail)

1st deposit (2/3), 2nd deposit (1/3).

Payments in 3 installments are generally reserved for quotes including several services (eg site creation + natural referencing) or for sums deemed important in the eyes of and corresponding to projects long enough to allow spreading.

The final deposit confirms the end of the work and the final acceptance of the project and the work done for the client. The only additional service to be performed by subsequent to the last payment is the transfer of the domain name to the client’s name in the event that this provision is provided for in the estimate. This provision is not systematic and must appear on the quote accepted by the client. By default, the transfer of the domain name is reserved for our site creation offers and does not apply to our rental offers.

Pursuant to applicable laws, late payment penalties are due the day following the payment deadline appearing on the validated quote or invoice, in the event that the amount due is paid after this date. An increase of 10% of this amount can then be applied without any other form of notice on the part of In the case where the customer is still unable to honor payments 30 (thirty) days after this date, reserves the unilateral right to suspend or cancel outright the service, without opening the right to any compensation for the client and to initiate legal proceedings against the client for non-payment. The procedural costs will be added to the amount due. also reserves the right to ignore or decline any future order from this client or his agent. The fact of suspending or restricting the provision of services or benefits does not exempt the client from payment of the total amount due and applicable surcharges

En cas de force majeure telle que définie par la jurisprudence des tribunaux Nigérienne, rendant impossible l’exécution par l’une ou l’autre partie de ses obligations, les obligations respectives de et du client seront dans un premier temps suspendues.

Au cas où la suspension excède un délai de 60 (soixante) jours, le contrat pourra être résilié de plein droit à l’initiative de l’une ou l’autre des parties. et le client seront alors déliés de leurs engagements, sans qu’une quelconque indemnité soit due de part et d’autre de ce fait. ne pourra pas être tenu pour responsable pour tout retard ou inexécution de service, lorsque la cause du retard ou de l’inexécution serait due à la survenance d’un cas de force majeure reconnue par la jurisprudence : défaillance de longue durée du réseau public de distribution d’électricité, grèves, émeutes, guerres, tempêtes, tremblements de terre, défaillance du réseau public des télécommunications, pertes de connectivité Internet dues aux opérateurs publics et privés dont dépend et ses prestataires.

You can request the creation of 12 email addresses included at no additional cost with each creation or exclusive rental of the website. Beyond this number, the creation of additional e-mail addresses is invoiced at 5,000F / address.

Possibility of web hosting with cpanel access for very technical people and on request only. cannot be held responsible for the content and any other form of information from a client. has no effective control over the quality or accuracy of the content of its client’s publications. All information on the client’s website is their sole responsibility and, as a reminder, the payment of the last deposit is valid for full acceptance of all the work carried out. is constantly innovating, aiming to offer the best service in terms of technology and experience to the customer or user. Consequently, the form and nature of the services provided by may be subject to modifications with the customer’s prior agreement. cannot guarantee that its services will always be available and fully operational. Within the framework of the use of its services, the customer can accept their updates which are intended to improve, improve and make them evolve. They can take the form of maintenance, bug fixes, improved features, new application modules, and completely new versions.

A new installation or a modified installation of the customer’s website may create a risk of data loss. The customer must ensure the safeguard, protection and security of the latter by all possible means.

Using technologies or infrastructures developed and supplied by third parties, cannot be held responsible, or considered as having failed in these General Conditions of Sale, and can not undertake that the site (s) ) of the customer is completely uninterrupted and without delay. The customer declares that it understands that the suppliers of the telecommunications materials, software and infrastructures used in these fields do not in any way offer an absolute guarantee of the proper functioning of its website. reserves the right to temporarily interrupt access to the client’s website (s) for maintenance reasons without the right to compensation. However, undertakes to use all the means at its disposal to avoid or minimize this type of interruption. is not responsible for loss of revenue due to service interruption or failure.

Due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet, cannot be held liable for in particular:

difficulties accessing the hosted website due to total or partial non-compliance with a client obligation, failure and / or saturation at certain times of operators of transport networks to the Internet world and in individual of his or her Internet service providers;
the non-routing of e-mails, discussion forum articles or any other message, whatever the nature or mode of transmission;
contamination of customer data and / or software by virus, the protection of which lies with the latter;
malicious intrusions by third parties on the client’s website and / or in the client’s electronic mailboxes;
the damage that could be suffered by the equipment connected to the hosting platform (client terminals) or its misuse, these being the sole responsibility of the client;
possible misappropriation of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally of any information of a sensitive nature for the client;
indirect damages, i.e. all those which do not result directly and exclusively from the partial or total failure of the services provided by such as commercial damage, loss of orders, damage to the brand image, any commercial disturbance, loss of profits or customers.

The client implicitly authorizes to mention its name (or corporate name), logo and URL in its commercial documents, or on its website, as references for the purposes of its own commercial promotion. or its commercial intermediaries are authorized to use any creation made by, for demonstration purposes.

The client undertakes to include on all the web pages of his website, created by, a mention / signature of the type: “Site creation by ADARKA WEB DESIGN” with a link pointing to the Adarkaweb website .com.